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Castoriadis, Bauman and Others

Castoriadis Cornelius, 2005, Thesis eleven, critical theory and historical sociology, 83 , November 2005, 3-4, SAGE Publications, 0pp.

Castoriadis Cornelius8 Castoriadis, Bauman and Others

Castoriadis, Bauman and Others. 

(pp 3-60)

-John Rundell and Peter Beilharz. "Introduction." 

-Karl E. Smith. "Re-Imagining Castoriadis’s Psychic Monad."   

- Jeffrey Klooger. "Interpretation and Being." 

- Suzi Adams. "Interpreting Creation: Castoriadis and the Birth of Autonomy."   

- Kenneth H. Tucker, Jr. "From the Imaginary to Subjectivation: Castoriadis and Touraine on the Performative Public Space."