All logotypes are SVG-Files. You can include them anywhere as image: <img src="logo_name.svg" alt="" />

Width (1em = 20px): 8em | 10em | 20em | 30em | 40em | 50em | 60em | 80em | 100em | 200em | 300em | 400em | 500em | 1000em

Click on the above links to change the Width and Resolution of the SVG-image - current width: 400 pixels
You can also add the query string ?width=any_number to the end of the Address: e.g. index.html?width=25.
The Width/Height of SVG-Files is Not Defined, so they will expand to fit to the Width/Height of their Parent Element.

To save SVG-Files as PNG-Files

File Name: logo_AC.svg