This page is a demonstration for the Application Library, which is an advanced Library Classification System that can be integrated with any site. Books can be classified:

  1. into tree levels, by Groups, Categories and Subcategories
  2. by their place in the library or the location of multiple libraries,
  3. by their publisher,
  4. by the year of publication
  5. by their writers or authors

You can include multiple authors for every book, as the table of books and the table of authors are separated from each other and connected by a book-to-authors table that defines the relationship between every book and its authors.

You can search books by all the above classifications and by their Title and Subtitle.

You can also, for every book, include links to external sources (bookshops or published PDF-versions of books) or to the Application PDF-Archives of your site.

Optionally, you can also include reviews and ratings for every book.

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